Reporting Form is now Active

A new page has been added to the DUFORRAK website, the Reporting Form. UFO sighting reports are finally being accepted for submission. Although an Alaska based organization, DUFORRAK won’t limit reports to Alaska sightings, but will accept all sightings.

To encourage the reporting process, the reporter is presented a small number of essential questions. This is to minimize the time it takes to begin the report and prevent discouraging the reporter immediately with a long and complicated form. After submission of the initial reporting form, the reporter will be emailed with follow up questions and the option to share any photos, video, or sketches of the sighting. Communication may be ongoing until all information can be collected.

The next efforts will include improving UFO reporting coverage. As well, an additional reporting directory is under development for pilot sightings, particularly for, but not limited to, rural Alaska bush pilots. DUFORRAK will continue to advocate responsible, prejudice-free reporting opportunities for witnesses of UFOs.


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