Introducing the UFO Case Deliberation Form and Method

I have been developing a form and method for sighting investigation and case report documentation that will be a useful investigator aid for improving the standards of evaluation for sightings to be included in databases. The goal for the application of the form and method is to reduce empty data fields (such as location, date, time, duration, etc) and ambiguous low information cases, such as of floating aerial lights with no apparent anomalous behaviour. As a result, data set quality will hypothetically be improved in terms of usability, reliability, and information content.

It uses a method of information collection and requirements for case evaluation. Improving case sighting standards may be a lofty goal, but an important pursuit.

The above described method is what I call the Case Deliberation Method, which requires any sighting that is being considered for admission for community study must contain sufficient information regarding the witness, the sighted phenomenon, the sighting environment, and the investigator’s participation in documentation.

If a sighting is considered by the method to be inadequate, it doesn’t necessarily get discarded, but separated for further investigation if warranted. Sightings that meet the requirements are considered adequate for inclusion in data sets and for submission to the community. Sightings that are considered by the Case Deliberation Method to be adequate aren’t to be considered infallible, but to be considered as having met the basic requirements of information collection, that the investigator at least minimally established witness reliability, and the sighted phenomenon demonstrated anomalousness.

The Case Report Deliberation Form employs the Case Deliberation Method by providing the investigator with sectional organization for information input, an evaluative method, and a weighted evidence scoring system. It is intended that the form will be used by an experienced investigator when initiating new sighting report investigations.

The informational document containing and discussing the Case Deliberation Form can be accessed here:



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