Project Development

The Open Blackboard of project development, appealing to the knowledgeable public for expertise and support.


Extended Daylight Hours: A Natural Advantage of High Latitude Regions for UFO/UAP Study

UFO sightings are most common at times when it is dark, resulting in poor visibility for observation and photography. The article proposes pursuing further study in high latitude regions, where daylight hours are extended beyond the times when UFO sightings are most common (Google Drive PDF).


UFO Sightings from Rural Alaska Airstrips

How rural Alaska airports outside federal government agreements could provide useful study material, and provide support to distant communities (Google Drive PDF).


Multi Stimulus Attraction Experiment

Document outlining tower based experimentation of attraction of UFOs for observation, with discussion on varying platforms and stimulus, and points of considerations (Google Drive PDF).


Crowdfunding Live UFO Research

Discusses a simplified model of community outreach for collaborative research and providing tools to interested people (Google Drive PDF).


Usage of Smartphones and an App for UFO Imaging

Details the development of a smartphone app to be used as an all sky camera for UFO observation and monitoring (Google Drive PDF).


Exploring and Experiencing Major UFO Events through Video Games

Document discussing the creation of a historically accurate video game centered around players experiencing real life UFO events, for education and to improve social awareness (Google Drive PDF).