All published materials listed here are freely available and may be redistributed.


Ongoing Resources (Regularly updated and maintained)


All Commonalities Extensive Database (ACE Database)

A detailed and contextual UFO sighting database, organized for analysis and comparison (Google Drive Spreadsheet).

Alaska Saucer Sighting Catalogue

A catalogue of saucer specific type UFO sightings in the state of Alaska (Google Drive Spreadsheet).

Alaska Saucer Sighting Case Reports

A document of case reports to accompany the Alaska Saucer Sighting Catalogue, detailing all of the catalogue sightings in an easily referenced and readable form (Google Drive Doc).


Publications and Research Material


The Case Deliberation Method – The UFO Case Report Deliberation Form and How to Use It

A resource to be used by UFO investigators and researchers for case documentation and evaluation, for improving case standards and expectations, while providing organization and information requirements (Google Drive PDF).

Is UFO/UAP Sighting Frequency in Specific Locales Consistent with Global Trends? Evidence Against Traditional Models for Alaska in Two Databases

A study comparing the occurrence of Alaska UFO sightings and the occurrence of UFO sightings elsewhere, and how they differ (Google Drive PDF).

A Preliminary Analysis of 125 Reports of Orange Luminous Spheroid UAP

An analysis of reports of orange luminous UAP (Google Drive PDF).

Colour Distribution of 500 Reports of Spheroid UAP

A colour focused study of five hundred reports of spheroid UAP and their commonality (Google Drive PDF).

Discussion on UFO Attraction-Detection-Interaction Methodologies

Defines the ADI relationship and methodology, and opportunities for application in field studies (Google Drive PDF).

What Conclusions are Drawn from Authentic UFO Evidence?

A document briefly summarizing UFO sightings and evidence (Google Drive PDF).

The Obstacles of Ufology

Details the obstacles and dilemmas facing ufology, and suggested areas of improvement (Google Drive PDF).


Supplemental UFO Literature


UFO Reading Center

A growing collection of UFO literature, old and new. Includes books, magazines, studies, and case reports by various authors and researchers. Lots of available history and context for understanding the phenomenon (Google Drive).